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Residency Training

RN Residency Program | Internal Medicine Residency Program | Emergency Medicine Residency Program | Pharmacy Residency Program


RN Residency Program

The Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s (SMH) Nurse Residency Program (NRP) accredited with distinction from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The innovative program provides newly licensed RNs with clinical experience, expertise, and support as they begin to transition to the role of a professional nurse. The SMH’s NRP is one of only four in the Florida and was among the first ten accredited Nurse Residency Program across the United States.

According to the ANCC, research suggests that Nurse Residency Programs can reduce nurse turnover, increase job satisfaction, and improve clinical competence. The In 2010, Institute of Medicine’s report ‘The Future of Nursing : Leading Change, Advancing Health made a specific recommendation from a body of evidence, that federal government, healthcare organizations, and accrediting bodies implement nurse residency programs when transitioning from the academia to healthcare settings.

The ANCC Practice to Transition Accreditation validates hospital residency programs that help new graduate nurses successfully transition into their practice as an RN. Accredited programs are required to exemplify rigorous, evidenced-based standards for quality and excellence.

SMH’s Nurse Residency Program is a 14-month program for newly licensed RNs who have been hired to a nursing unit. Benefits of the NRP are:

  • Improved patient outcomes.
  • Increased nurse retention.
  • Enhanced critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Enhanced leadership skills.
  • Development of effective decision-making skills.
  • Increased confidence in clinical nursing practice.

Fundamental nursing skills for quality and safe patient care are honed in one of three nurse residency units for several weeks. The nurse residents then transition to their specialty unit of hire to complete unit-specific clinical orientation and training. The new graduates are hired to a cohort of peers.SMH is accepting applications year round. You must be licensed by the state of Florida by the residency start date. Apply online. The Nurse Recruiter will review your information and notifications will send to eligible candidates. Potential candidates will be invited to an interview with hiring managers.

The program, which began in 2007, includes one – on – one personalized coaching with specially trained and experienced SMH nurses who have a passion for mentoring and training. In addition to comprehensive orientation to SMH, the nurse residents participate in professional development classes, case studies, expert speakers, and simulation training.


As a Magnet facility, SHMCS encourages BSN graduates to apply. In order to advance the nursing profession we are committed to increasing the number· of BSN prepared nurses at the bedside. It is expected that non-BSN graduates will be committed to completion of the BSN degree within three years. Nurse residency participants are asked for a two-year commitment.

BSN Transition Team

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System offers an exciting opportunity for Baccalaureate Graduate Nurses. The Transition Team is a unique experience that allows the newly licensed BSN to become part of the SMH Magnet Nursing team and enter into the Nurse Residency Program. After the BSN completes an application and is selected, they will be contacted by the Nurse Recruiter to interview with a panel of professional leaders within the organization. While Transition Team nurses are not hired directly to a unit, they will enter the Nurse Residency Program and begin their orientation on the Residency Unit. During their first few weeks of orientation, while on the Residency Unit, they will interview with individual Clinical Managers for open positions. Initiating a nursing career on a Med/Surg, Cardiac, Oncology, Rehab, or Neurology unit allow the graduate nurse to establish a solid foundation within their first year of practice. 99% of all Transition Team Nurses secure a position prior to completion of the Residency Program. For the next Transition Team Interview Panel or for additional information please contact the Nurse Recruiter.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital Nursing Residency Program

Application Process

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System is accepting applications year round. You must be licensed by the state of Florida by the residency start date in order to apply.

Standing out from the Crowd

  1. Apply online to “New Graduate RN Residency” or BSN for Transition Team for BSN candidates.
  2. Complete the online application.
  3. A Nurse Recruiter will review your information and notifications will be sent via email. We anticipate that there will be a large number of interested and eligible candidates.
  4. Candidates may be invited to an interview with hiring managers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is considered a New Graduate Nurse?

A “new graduate” is defined as a Registered Nurse who has been licensed for 12 months or less.

Can I apply if I have not graduated yet?

Yes, you can apply if you have not graduated yet, but scheduled for the NCLEX.

I have an Associate Degree in Nursing, can I apply?

You are welcome to apply.  Apply directly to “New Graduate RN Residency” requisition.

How often are cohorts?

New Graduate Nurse Cohorts start every four weeks.

Internal Medicine Residency Program

Welcome to the FSU College of Medicine Internal Medicine Residency Program at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.
Our program received initial accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) in April of 2016 and we will begin training our first class of residents on July 1, 2017. Any interested and eligible medical school graduates or 4th year medical students must apply through ERAS and register for the National Resident Matching Program.

About our Program

We offer a 3-year categorical Internal Medicine Residency Training Program, with 13 residents per year and total complement of 39 at full capacity.
Our program was carefully designed to meet the requirements specified by the ACGME, prepare residents for careers in primary care, general internal medicine and subspecialty training and serve a diverse socio-economic demographic patient population, including urban, suburban, elderly, underserved and underinsured.
During their three years of training, residents have the opportunity to rotate through all of the disciplines in general internal medicine under the supervision of top-notch physicians, researchers and medical educators, and participate in the care of patients in community clinics, nursing homes and private subspecialist practices.

Program Highlights

  • Offers state-of-the-art facilities and technology, including a patient safety simulation lab and research center, in a hospital repeatedly recognized among top hospitals for quality, safety and clinical care.*
  • Provides residents with a balance of inpatient and outpatient medical experiences, research and leadership opportunities.
  • Offers exposure to a wide range of subspecialties and clinical pathways to tailor the residency experience to meet your individual career goals.

* Sarasota Memorial ranks repeatedly as #1 in the southwest Florida region (U.S. News & World Report) and among the top 100 in the nation for overall quality and care (Truven Health Analytics). It also is among 1% of hospitals recognized three times in a row with “Magnet” status.

Contact Us

We appreciate your interest in our residency program. For application information, program features and more detailed information, please visit: or call 941-917-7799.

Emergency Medicine Residency Program

The FSU COM Emergency Medicine Residency at Sarasota Memorial Hospital accepts nine first-year residents annually for the three-year program. We are a high volume, high acuity department, with a wealth of variety in our patient population. Graduates are superbly prepared to practice our specialty in any setting. The experienced core faculty has a variety of backgrounds and interests, covering all major areas of Emergency Medicine. We place particular emphasis on simulation training, emergency ultrasound, leadership development, and mastering essential business and administrative skills. We utilize ERAS and the NRMP for our application and selection process. There is no better place to train than Sarasota Memorial Hospital!

Please visit our website at for additional information.

Kelly P. O’Keefe, MD
Program Director

Pharmacy Residency Program

The Sarasota Memorial pharmacy residency program was established in 1999. The PGY1 residency program offers a unique “real-life” experience in the second largest community hospital in Florida. A wide array of rotations and experiences are available for our residents. Our preceptors are a highly trained diverse group, comprised of pharmacy specialists and unit-based pharmacists with many years of experience. At SMH, the PGY1 residency training is individualized for each resident. Our goal is to prepare you for the next step in your career, which may include the pursuit of a PGY2 residency or a position as a unit-based pharmacist in a community hospital.

The PGY2 Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Residency will transition PGY1 graduates from general to specialized practice by preparing residents to be fully integrated members of the interdisciplinary emergency medicine team and to deliver comprehensive and integrated medication therapy management services. Graduates of the residency will possess the skills and competencies required to qualify them for clinical pharmacy specialists or academic faculty positions.

Pharmacy Department Overview

Our pharmacy department consists of a central pharmacy, ICU, Pediatrics, and OR satellites. Our department provides 24-hour comprehensive pharmacy services. Our pharmacy team includes over 70 pharmacists and 50 pharmacy technicians/interns. Our clinical pharmacy staff includes unit-based/decentralized pharmacists including specialty services in Ambulatory Care, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Cardiology, Neonatal Intensive Care, Pediatrics Psychiatry, Inpatient Oncology, and Outpatient Oncology, Toxicology, Transitions of Care, and Trauma who work collaboratively with physicians, nurses, medical residents, and various therapists. We have a highly-trained diverse pharmacy staff made up of specialists, informatics system administrators, and unit-based pharmacists with a strong emphasis on clinical services. We offer block APPE rotations to University of Florida and LECOM students. In addition, we offer 1-2 month rotations to other universities from multiple states including Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. Teaching and precepting are a department priority and a majority of the pharmacists serve as IPPE, APPE, and/or Residency preceptors.


Sarasota, together with its neighbors to the north and south, Manatee County and Charlotte County, form the 7th-largest market in Florida. It is also Florida’s third-fastest growing major market. With over 600,000 people, the Sarasota/Manatee/Charlotte area is one of the largest, most affluent markets in Florida. In the Sarasota area, you can enjoy the breathtaking sunsets, educational museums, operas, ballets, plays, golf tournaments, and boat races. The brilliant white sand of Longboat, Lido, and Siesta beaches will make you anxious to see more!


SMH operates the best available systems to provide the highest level of patient safety, privacy, and real-time access to patient information for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other caregivers. Currently, over 95% of all medication orders are transmitted via Allscripts Sunrise Clinical Manager, our CPOE system. In addition, more than 95% of all medication dispensing is through PYXIS Medstations (automated dispensing cabinets). We utilize CUBIE (computerized unit based inventory exchange) and PARx (PYXIS automated replenishing) technology to fill the machines using barcode scanning of the medication. DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager is utilized to promote safe IV medication preparation, reduce waste, and enhance pharmacy productivity. Nurses utilize an e-MAR and wireless barcode scanning for electronic medication administration documentation.

In this unique situation, one can fully explore all aspects of Pharmacy Informatics, from basic abilities to retrieving data and implementing system changes & enhancements that directly impact patient care and patient safety. Many opportunities are available to enhance skills in Excel, Access, Theradoc, REDCap, report writing, and more, as Pharmacy Informatics comes to life in this extraordinary setting. Get a glimpse into Information Technology, Servers, Network, and Integration. With the knowledge of Pharmacy Informatics you are able to effectively utilize the systems to enhance your clinical expertise!

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