Electrical Technician Lead

Job ID: 424795
Category: Facilities Management
Location: Sarasota, FL
Department: Facilities Management
Facility: Hospital Corporate Division

Responsible for all plant activities involving maintenance equipment and related machinery and all similar equipment located in the various SMH areas and buildings. Assists the OPL Supervisor with program procedures to meet all Section responsibilities in the area of facility services. Ensures all related equipment is at all times operating, and is maintained properly by a scheduled PM program. Responsible for directly maintaining a parts and materials inventory, directly scheduling daily work assignments and projects, and to keep logs and records of same, generally acting as a liaison between Supervisor, Project Managers, and Contractors. Fosters and maintains departmental and interdepartmental working relationships. Encourages high customer service outcomes and foster financial, ethical and individual accountability. Ability to read/understand prints/diagrams for buildings and equipment. Working knowledge and understanding of multiple skilled trades relevant to healthcare industry and ability to perform minor repairs and maintenance in plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, electrical, and general maintenance without supervision.

– Require three (3) years of experience as an electrician in large plant operations. Must be capable of the following:

– Installation of electrical conduit systems. Using EMT, rigid and/or PVC. (Bend-strap/secure and fit
to affect a complete workable system).

– Size wire/cable to proper electrical load requirements and conduit sizes, wire and dress electrical
branch panels using proper phasing and color code as required by N.E.C.

– Wire complex electrical and motor control circuits to effect proper operation of same.

– Conduct comprehensive safety tests and PM electrical systems and equipment with properly
recorded documentation.

– Prefer familiarity with computers and related software (Windows Operating Systems).

– Prefer familiarity with codes applicable to field and industry.

– Prefer proficiency in written and verbal communication.

– Prefer working knowledge of hand tools pertinent to trade(s).

– Prefer the ability to work with no supervision.

– Prefer the ability to work with and direct members of existing team with the ability to lead and direct multiple projects

– Prefer effective leadership skills/qualifications.

Minimum High School Diploma or Equivalent

High School Diploma, GED or Certificate